Noxious is in full support of the use and distribution of “Malicious” content, we believe anyone should be allowed to create and publish whatever content they wish and that nobody has the right to dictate that, we will not take part in any feuds or drama between mod creators and we will only remove links/references to mods/communities if requested by their respective owners.

We strive to create a place for everyone, no matter what kind of content you produce, a place where users can make their own choices. Currently, we feel this ecosystem is very one-sided, and finding any information about “malicious” content can prove to be far harder than finding information on “Wholesome” content and we simply want to even the playing field.

With this being said we claim absolutely no ownership of any of the content we link to and therefore we are in no way responsible for anything that happens to you due to your use of any of the content you find here, this is not to say we will actively throw you under the bus, we try our best to remove any blatant proven harmful content however due to the nature of what we are trying to achieve we will not always be able to confirm these types of accusations.